Elocution Competition was held on 13th, August 2018. Elocution refers to one’s capacity of communicating with others, with the use of exact speech and gestures. It is natural for parents to want their children to speak exceptionally well in school and other places which are intra /inter level, to enhance oratory skills. Keeping this in mind the ‘Inter Class Elocution Competition’ is conducted annually wherein every student in class is trained to face an audience with confidence and recite their thoughts with correct diction, clarity and good pronunciation. A healthy competitive spirit enlightened the faces of the students of classes 1 to 8 as they marched off to the Harding Hall for the competition. We had students competing against each other in the Individual Level Competition. Keeping in mind the several factors which are adjudged during a competition the children focused on aspects like culmination of voice quality, speech content and the delivery standards. As usual it was a pleasure to watch our smart children conduct themselves in such a disciplined manner and render the enjoyable poems with such feeling and conviction. Winning the competition was a matter of honour and pride not only for the individual participants but also for the classes that won. The competition enabled our children to speak with more clarity and finesse and it surely was an enjoyable experience for all those who participated.