Investiture Ceremony

With our new Team of Students Council Members, the Investiture Ceremony was held @ BVB on 28th June, 2019 in the presence of all our BVBions.
Our proud Student Council Leaders are,
Miss. Sathya (School Prefect)
Master.Jonathan( SPL )
Miss.Sania (ASPL)
Master. Aashik (Sports Captain)
Master. Sujith( Sports Vice-Captain)
Master. Azhaghu Maathavan (Captain- Bhoomi)
Master. Dhanush (Vice Captain- Bhoomi)
Master. Hari Krishnan (Captain- Jala)
Master.Anatharaj (Vice Captain- Jala)
Master. Akilesh (Captain-Agni)
Master. Arsith (Vice Captain- Agni)
Master. Hrishikesh ( Captain-Vaayu)
Master. Sri Saran (Vice Captain- Vaayu)