Investiture Ceremony


BVB envision the students to come ahead and communicate ideas and thoughts which plays a significant role in functioning of school system. The investiture ceremony held in BVB conference hall on 12th July, 2017 witnessed the formation of new student council, with the blessings of higher authorities and teachers.
Our school is divided into four different houses namely BOOMI, JALA, AGNI & VAYU.
Boomi: Meaning : Earth :. Symbolically speaking our body, sense organs are the earth which as a whole getS the shape of Jiva or life.
Jala:Meaning:Water: As from sea or river water evaporates to be in the sky as cloud then again in the shape of rain it comes down on earth.
Vayu:Meaning :Air: One can feel air, as we breath in or out. We feel the storm or strong breeze which are temporary but air at atomic level remains around us eternally.
Agni:Meaning :Fire:The essential character of Fire is to generate heat. According to Hindu Mythology, Agni is one of the eight guardians who guard our universe.

Student Council (BVBions)

Master Aashik – School Pupil Leader
Master Hrishikeh .R (Bhoomi) – House captain
Master Akilan (Bhoomi) – Vice captain
Master Sujith (Jala) – House captain
Master Arsith (Jala) – Vice captain
Master Sriram (Agni) – House captain
Master Sabarish (agni) – Vice captain
Master Hari Krishnan (vayu) – House captain
Master Ananathraj (vayu) – Vice captain