Club Activities

All BVBions choose a club activity based on their interest and passion. Each week, they attend to pursue activities under that particular club. Each club has teachers who are equally passionate and steers the activities throughout the year.

Math Club

The Mathematic Club provides students a chance to practise their math skills in a more relaxed environment. they take immense delight in working with mathematical problems in groups in math lab. They enjoy high speed mathematical calculations, mathematical techniques in real life in the club.

Literary club

Literary club aims at developing flair for English, Hindi, Tamil languages among the students. The club offers them opportunities to read, discuss and create stories, poems , newspaper articles, etc. Activities like elocution, creative writing, debating, poetry recitation, theatrics , etc. are organised to sharpen their LSRW skills.

Science Club

Science Club aims to harness scientific tempers, spirit of inquiry , research attitude and thinking skills in students. They do different hands on activities to completely understand the concepts learnt in the classrooms.