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It is a parent's responsibility to identify if the child possesses artistic skillsets. Brilliant Vidya Bhavan has organized a platform to identify the creative skills of your little ones. Yes bring your child on 21st May 2017 to BVB,Vellakinar, give your kid a life time experience. FREE REGISTRATION

Categories and Topics

Categories Type of art & Topic
PRE KG Colouring
LKG &UKG Colouring
Class 1 & 2 DrawingBird (or) Animal
Class 3 & 4 DrawingForest (or) Scenery
Class 5 & 6 Pencil ShadingSave Water (or) Save Nature

Note to the Participants:

1) Drawing Sheets will be provided.
2) Bring your pencils & colouring materials only.
3. Strictly avoid water colour paints.
4) The decision of the judges is final.

For Registration & Enquiries please contact : 9585593158,9585593161