Teaching Methodologies

Education through Art

We offer programs based on educating students through arts. Such programs are based on a strictly constructed curriculum that emphasizes on the development of the students’ artistic abilities. Subjects like history which are thought to be boring by the students are made more interesting by role playing activities, whereas visual arts are used in teaching mathematics. According to Read, “Art should be the basis of education. The aim of education is to create artists- people efficient in various modes of expressions”.

Understanding Science in Action

This program makes the learning of science an enjoyable and rewarding experience for the child. This inevitably helps erect a barrier between the child and science. Experimenting is an excellent chance to stimulate thinking. The children should get involved with science and discover its principles for themselves. Children should work like little scientists busy exploring the rich world around them.

  • I hear and I forget
  • I see and I remember
  • I do and I understand

Responsibility towards Society

Social Empowerment Through Work And Action (SEWA) activities comprises raising community awareness regarding health, sanitation, volunteering in nursing homes, orphanages, public events and assistance, care for senior citizens of our community, environmental activities like clean-ups, recycling, social awareness programmes.