Why BVB

We at BVB believe in holistic development of a child. We focus on the areas which are needed for a child to excel in the real world. As our motto indicates we make every child "Rethink everything" when he learns new ideas and unlearn old ways of doing things.

We are more focused on bringing the individual talent of the child. So our philosophy is to make each child unique in their own way.

“Being the best means you are no. 1 in your chosen field, Being unique means you are the only one.”

So in order to attain these Lifelong Skill sets we approach education through


These 8 areas prepare the students not only academically but also helps in shaping their attitude and personality

Life Skills

These skills are touted as survival skills in today's world.

They may look like a blue collar job but recent psychology research shows these chores help in shaping their

  • Attitude
  • Knowledge
  • Skill set of the Students

These activities helps students take up responsibilities and make them being independent instead of depending upon their parents.To List a few

  • Electrical works
  • Carpentry
  • Mechanical works
  • Gardening
  • Hand sewing
  • Cooking

Every month a professional from each field is brought and students are made to understand the basics of each work and then they will practice this at their home.

In this fast moving world these survival skills are the need of the hour.

Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning is a process of making connections among concepts and experience so that information and skill can be applied to novel end complex issues or challenges. One such method is

“Learning through art”cultivates student’s creativity by designing sustained, process oriented art projects that support learning across the curriculum. Students learn Math, Science concept while singing, sculpting, painting, dancing.

One such example is :Pot Painting - Exhibits the skill of painting inculcates color combinations, develops attitude towards patience and perseverance along with enhances content knowledge of the different subjects. For example,

  • Geography: Type of soil – Clay soil
  • Science: Why clay soil?
  • History of wheel: How it is made?
  • Math: Shape of the pot and angle of inclination
  • Finance: At the end students are asked to calculate the total cost invested in the project and sell online

In this way we map art work with subject with the real world application.

Fun With Science

Science is an Important subject to teach the World around us and to dispel the myth. We at BVB believe in hands on training approach. Through the experiments they learn the thrill of discovery and develop the method of understanding and exploring their findings.

We at BVB do things uniquely. Instead of buying the Science kits which is available online, our children use junk & scrap products from their home to do their projects and experiments.We call it “Trash to Toys” or “Science from Scrap”.

In this use & throw culture, we utilize waste to be as a resource which in turn help the student to value the waste materials around them and promote reusability when in turn enhances the recycling process.

This way of teaching / enhances the following :

  • They follow their inherent curiosity.
  • They observe and ask questions.
  • Helps to test their hypothesis & suggest remedies..

So we map the Science concepts with the daily things which we consider as waste management experiments.Some of the experiment we have done with them are:-

  • Bottle car
  • Balloon rocket
  • Tin clock
  • Straw flute
  • Hydraulic lift
  • Stick bike
  • Water dispenser

English As A Skill

In BVB, we teach English as a skill and not as a subject. We are following LEAD Curriculum, which enhances English skill development to its at most. We partnered with LEAD School – A unique level-based English program. Through LEAD

  • Children Learn at their right English skill level.
  • Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Grammar and Phonics – all skills covered.
  • Within a year’s time, see a difference in student’s English ability.
  • 100% Proficiency in English: 150% growth in English using the internationally benchmarked ELGA program.

Crack The Code

“ We want every child in the world to be excited about the possibility of coding that can unlock for themselves ,their community & society”- Sundar Pichai.

Experts say that the right age to teach children coding is age 6.

Why coding is important?

Steve Jobs says coding teaches “How to think.” It teaches kids how to take and solve problem logically.

i.e, Coding leads to idea generation which promotes future innovation.

In real world; every second job is a tech job.

  • Coding is focused as next level of literacy.
  • 51% STEM jobs are in computer science field.

So we are making students’ future ready.

Aspire Higher

Harvard school of business rates critical thinking and logical reasoning as the 2nd most important skill in today’s world.

  • It encourages curiosity
  • It enhances creativity
  • It reinforces problem solving, which will inturn inculcate “Out of box thinking“.

We at BVB help students develop these at the early age by the form of logical puzzle , Brain teaser, Stories from Amar Chitra Kadha, Chanakya, etc.

We wish to develop a strategy to see things from other perspective. So we develop these skills test.

  • Psychometric test - aptitude, skill ,& personality
  • Reasoning test – verbal and logical.

So All competitive exams like GMAT, XAT,MAT,CAT can be solved 25% through logical puzzles, Brain Teasor, stories, simulators, & out of the box thinking strategies, which we develop at BVB.

Responsible Citizen

We at BVB inculcate empathy and compassion in children at a very early age.

Every student who goes out of BVB will be a model citizen guided by his moral compass who helps in nation building.

We inculcate human values and moral principle through many activities such as


Students share a meal with under privileged and orphaned students atleast monthly once.


Students share their books, notebooks, clothes and help the needy for their necessities.


Every month a social initiative is taken and students do those activities such as Road Safety, Water Conservation, etc.


We at BVB make learning enjoyable and fun through providing edutainment program. It is nothing but blending entertainment with education which not only makes learning pleasurable for them but also helps them to grow up as better individuals. Examples of passive forms of edutainment activities include :

  • Robotics
  • 3D Printing
  • Music and Arts
  • Theatre
  • Vocaboom
  • Logical Puzzles
  • Fictional Books Reading